Jesse Shedd
Game of Thrones: Character Map [UX Designer · Project Manager]

My first project in Janet Murray's eTV lab managed a team of eight people and worked as a UX designed on the character map for the HBO show Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones extremely complex narrative in terms of character relationships can easily disorient many viewers. Through the careful use of space, relevant iconography, and appropriate filters, the character map succinctly described the complex character relationships on the show, communicated the emotions of the scene, and brought the viewer deeper into the shows narrative.

My responsibilities as project manager for the Game of Thrones second screen app included coordinating the communications between the two teams working on the app, managing the apps assets, ensuring we hit scheduled milestones, and keeping Dr. Murray up to date with the apps development.

>Green Text Library [HTML · CSS · PHP]

Green Text Stories are an emergent form of storytelling seen on the boards on 4chan. These stories popularity is evident on both the boards of 4chan and other Internet cultural focused sites like and

However, the ephemeral nature of's threads only allows for the cultural content it generates to be saved if an individual decides to save it. This feature of 4chan as well as poor labeling and bored attribution of sites like and makes it difficult for interested parties to find, read, and enjoy these stories.

The >Green Text Library solves this problem by a creating space for interactors to find, share, save, read, and enjoy Green Text Stories labeled by board and genre.

Doge and Anon's Excellent Adventure [Processing]

Doge and Anon's Excellent Adventure aimed to create a new way of navigating Part of what makes 4chan a special place is the ephemeral nature of its threads.

Using 4chans board's rss feeds, Doge and Anon's Excellent Adventure allows interactors to navigate to a random recently posted thread on the board of their choosing. The 2D space serves inform interactors about the history of 4chan boards and orient them to how they are categorized.

To Use: First download Processing Then download the file.

We're All Gonna Make it [HTML · Javascript]

We're All Gonna Make It is an interactive narritive inspired by makin' it and mirin' Green Text Stories from's heath and fitness board (/fit/).

The story follows a poster on /fit/ who is unhappy with thier life. After a dream where the fitness gods beckon you to Olympus, you decide to get /fit/ and make it. I would like to thank /fit/ and SIR for the artwork and stories in this game. We're all gonna make it bros...

To Play: First download the zip file, open it, then open index.html.

North London Derby [Processing]

North London Derby attempts to simulate what I imagine to be feeling, pace and atmosphere of a match between two of the biggest clubs in the Barclay's Premier League Tottenham Hotspur, and their greatest rival, Woolwhich Arsenal.

I am a huge Tottenham Hotspur fan, and while I watch every match I can, I have not yet been to their home ground, White Heart Lane. This game gave me an oppertunity to get a little bit closer to what I imagine a home game against Arsenal to be like.

To Play: First download Processing Then download the game!

The Feel When [Card Game]
The Feel When aims to help you understand your own and other peoples feelings, through listening, reflecting and the uniquely human practice of storytelling. The inspiration for this game came from the Green Text Stories I read on various boards on, and exploritory research I was doing into storytelling, empathy, and games.

To Play: First download and read the instructions, then download and print the feel cards.